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Welcome to Acropolis

Christchurch based Acropolis Wedding & Decor Hire are leading providers of quality decorative items that will transform any venue from a standard setting to a beautiful oasis personalised to your needs.

Take advantage of our delivery and decorating services, or D.I.Y. - the choice is yours.


Welcome to Acropolis

Unique Experience

We believe that every event should be a unique experience which is why so many recommend Acropolis Hire as your hire provider of choice.

Call Paula today to arrange a free consultation at our friendly home office . With a good selection of items on hand for viewing, we can collaborate ideas to plan the perfect day for you!

Stunning Results

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  • Testimonial

    "Everything looked perfect and we were absolutely thrilled! You have been wonderful to work with, making nothing seem a hassle."

    - Felicity Morton-Todd and Scott Turner

    "A BIG thank you for your input into our colour scheming and decorations for our big day on Saturday....I Absolutely LOVED the arch."

    - Chris Stowell and Alan Collett
  • Testimonial

    " Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did... the room looked beautiful and we got so many compliments"

    - Lisa Rogers and Mark Abagi

    "This special day would not have been possible at all if it weren't for the generous contribution from Acropolis Wedding Hire...The table dressings were just incredible and the seating looked perfect."

    - Haylie Gillespie